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309513 Found: Animals / PetsLarge German Shepherd Lab MixGlendale, Arizona. 85308 
307973 Lost: WalletTan leather womans wallet/clutchGlendale, Arizona. 85301 
305843 Lost: Animals / PetsLarge black and white huskyGlendale, Arizona. 85301 
305557 Found: WatchesFound -a GUCCI WATCH Glendale, Arizona. 85301 
305110 Lost: Computers, Tablets, iPadsI Pad in faux Red Alligator coverGlendale, Arizona. 85302 
304033 Lost: CatsSmall black and white cat with mohawkGlendale, Arizona. 85302 
302382 Lost: DogsMedium/large Chocolate LabGlendale, Arizona. 85308 
302065 Found: DogsFound 2 small Chihuahua mixed dogs 75th Ave and CamelbackGlendale, Arizona. 85303 
301519 Found: CatsMedium size female catGlendale, Arizona. 85302 
300751 Lost: DogsSmall White/Cream Dog MissingGlendale, Arizona. 85308 
300264 Found: DogsSmall Short Tan DogGlendale, Arizona. 85308 
300877 Found: DogsLarge, brown/auburn, short hair, adult pitbullGlendale, Arizona. 85302 
299170 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsSunglasses in a brown sunglass caseUNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX STADIUM
Glendale, Arizona. 85305
297271 Found: DogsRottiGlendale, Arizona. 85301 
296212 Lost: Animals / PetsGrey cat white feet small female lost in glendaleGlendale, Arizona. 85308 
296173 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsEyeglassesUNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX STADIUM
Glendale, Arizona. 85305
296172 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsEyeglassesUNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX STADIUM
Glendale, Arizona. 85305
295497 Found: DogsTerrier male dog by Tbird hospitalGlendale, Arizona. 85301 
294866 Lost: DogsMale Mixed Breed Black YorkieGlendale, Arizona. 85301 
293895 Found: DogsMale Black and Tan DachshundGlendale, Arizona. 85308 
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